Brand - Art Van Furniture-home is where the heart is commercial
Art Van Home

Home is where the heart is

Brand - Art Van PureSleep Rise campaign commercial

PureSleep - Have you been tested

Brand - Art Van Furniture True Colors commercial
Art Van Furniture

True Colors

Feldman Automotive

It's fun being #1

Brand - Feldman Automotive Group Lucky Dog commercial
Feldman Automotive

Lucky Dog

Brand - Feldman Pre-Owned mobile commercial
Feldman Pre-Owned

Mobile Shopping

Brand - Fieger Law Not Giving In commercial
Feiger Law

Not giving in

touch the heart

Does it ‘feel right’ or ‘does it feel good’ lie at the heart forming an emotive brand strategy.

The first goal of emotive branding is to get people to say that your brand ‘feels right’. This happens when they consciously realize and internalize your brand’s purposeful promise. The second is to get them to sense that they ‘feel good’ when they reflect on the emotional experience of dealing with your brand, your products, and your people.

Meaningful brands seek to operate on both levels: Positive, heartfelt feelings that flow as people realize new levels of purpose and meaning in their lives thanks to the brand.

Seek to touch more than just brain cells and wallets. Reach out and touch lives in deep, rich, and meaningful ways; and watch your brand thrive.


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